Who We Are:

My name is Andrea and my dad’s name is Andre. We are a father daughter duo invested in making your events unique. Event Designs by Dre unofficially started in 2014 when we started looking into holiday decor to put in front of our house. We are that house on the block that always goes all out for their holiday decor, so we took things very seriously and were always looking for unique pieces. We quickly realized that the stores were selling all the same items, so we took it in our own hands to build props ourselves.The first prop we built was Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Before we knew it, we were building all sorts of props and backdrops for our events. Then our friends started to ask us to build them custom designs, so that is how we got into this business. 

We have a passion for creation. We specialize in making backdrops and props for you to rent. We can build custom designs for you to rent for a fee. We are located in Los Angeles, CA and offer delivery services. We look forward to making your events memorable.

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